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Team Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite The GS Guerciotti was born in the 1977 thanks to the Paolo Guerciotti’s idea, ex cyclocross rider who after to have ridden on road racing with good success in the period 1961-66, in the 1967 it decided to engage exclusively in the cycloross, finishing his career in the 1980. Than he started his business career characterized in the production and selling of road bikes and frames. The amateur rider Vito Ditano becomes the Team Guerciotti’s symbol rider winning two world championships in the 1979 in Saccolongo and in 1986 in Lembeek, Belgium.

Thanks to Vito Ditano’s performances and of some Italian cyclocross riders as Flaiban, De Capitani, Gian Mario and Luca Bramati, the team becomes the bigger and stronger cyclocross team in Italy.

Team Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite In the 1983 arrives the Belgium rider Roland Liboton who wins the world championships in Birminghan and also the year after in Oss, Nederland.

In the 1984, always in the world championships in Oss, Radomir Simunek wins the world championships, the fourth for Guerciotti team in the amateur cathegory.

In the 1987 the Team Guerciotti wins another gold medal in the world champs with the german rider Mike Kluge, while in the 1988 the Czech rider Karel Camrda gains the seventh world championships for Guerciotti in Hagendoorf, in Switzerland.

The world success continue also in the 1989 thanks to the Czech rider Andrey Glajza who wins in Pont Chateau.These are the years where amateur and prof athlets ride in separate cathegories.

In the 1983 Henrik Djernis wins the rainbow jersey in Italy, with Daniele Pontoni third. It is the nineth title for Guerciotti.

In the 1994 it comes to the team the Italian cyclocross star, Daniele Pontoni. Pontoni wins with Guerciotti four national championships in 1995/96/97/99, the world cup in the 1995 and he becomes world champion in the 1997 in Monaco, Germany, winning for Guerciotti the tenth world championships.

The recent history has like protagonist Marco Aurelio Fontana. Paolo and Alessandro Guerciotti chose Vito Ditano as sport directeur of the team and with his advice, Fontana becomes absolutely the protagonist of the Italian cyclocross. In the 2006 he shows a new national championships to Guerciotti in the under 23 and in the 2008 he wins the title in the elite cathegory (the most important title).

Team Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite Team Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite Always in the January 2008 in the Treviso world championships, Marco Aurelio is a great protagonist in the elite race: it rides in the front of the peloton for all the race and then he arrives 6th, very closed to the podium. In the season 2009/2010 Guerciotti looses Marco Aurelio Fontana due to his decision to focalize his activity in MTB discipline.

But the decision to focus on young talented riders, it brings his results. Elia Silvestri, already winner two years before with Guerciotti in the juniores cathegory, he becomes the “team star” and he shows all his talent and he becomes the new talent of Italian cyclocross. In the 2011/2012 season, Guerciotti take the two most talented riders in the italian cyclocross panorama: Gioele Bertolini and Alice Maria Arzuffi.

And in this season it comes and historical tris at the italian championships with the wins of Bertolini and Arzuffi in the juniores cathegory and the win in Under 23 cathegory (but winning the open race) of Elia Silvestri. In the same season the Team Selle Italia Guerciotti is great protagonist of italian cyclocross season taking three pink jerseys in the Giro d'Italia Ciclocross and team overall classification.

But the team directed by Vito Ditano like the triplets and in the following two national championships in the years 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 takes others due triplets. Winning for three years are Gioele Bertolini and Alice Arzuffi. The others two italian jerseys are won by Manuel Todaro and Bryan Falaschi. Since three years the national championships are coloured of yellow-black ! In the 2013 an historical bronze medal is won by Alice Arzuffi in the European Championships women under 23 (first edition) in Mlada Boleslav in Czech Republic.

The team history continues. Riders, managers and sponsors promise to all the cyclocross lovers other moments of glory.

Team Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite

In 2013 the historic bronze of Alice Arzuffi arrives in the European Women Under 23 championship (first edition) in the Czech Republic at Mlada Boleslav, followed by another bronze in 2014 and a silver in 2015.

In 2016, an historic triumph that will remain indelible in the history of cyclocross in Italy: Gioele Bertolini, at only the 3rd year of under 23, at the Italian Championships in Monte Prat part in the race reserved for elites / professionals and wins the Italian flag. Guerciotti reconquers the elite Italian title after that of Marco Aurelio Fontana in Scorzè in 2008.

In the season 2017 and 2018, the Team Selle Italia Guerciotti confirms to be the leader in the cyclocross in Italy. It takes two double in the national championships (Bertolini and Dorigoni in the 2017, Dorigoni and Grillo in the 2018), making the contract for two young talent riders who will be for sure the future of italian cyclocross : Jakob Dorigoni and Francesca Baroni.