Eclipse 64-14

Bike of the 50° anniversary

GUERCIOTTI and BIMOTA: the real Made in Italy

Guerciotti, leading and historical company in the cycle market, who is celebrating his 50th anniversary in the 2014 has started a cooperation with another leading company in the motorcycle: Bimota. This cooperation has the goal to share their knowledge, know how, experience and technologies in order to realize exclusive products. The first step has been the creation of one custom bike that Guerciotti has realized for Bimota. The first and exclusive Bimota by Guerciotti has been presented to the press in june 2014 in occasion of the Bimota Experience Weekend.

It was not difficult the partnerships between Bimota and Guerciotti, two firms who had in their DNA the real “Made in Italy”; two firms who realize their product cured in all the details and in some cases, making an handmade product. Made in Italy who starts from ideation, followed to the design, choice of best material and manufacturing processes in which it cares even the smallest detail. Two firms that, in the same time, design their products after race experiences, with rigorous test made throught the riders/pilot in order to offer to all the end consumers the same high level product who bring these athletes to win in his own discipline. Three world championships and 44 italian championships for Bimota. For Guerciotti, ten world championships and over 30 national championships in the cyclocross, wins at the several stages in the Giro d’Italia and in others important races (Tirreno Adriatico and Fleche Wallone). Two firms who has written the history also in the races field.

This partnerships with Bimota is fundamental in the production of the new Guerciotti’s jewel, that is the 50th anniversary bicycle: Eclipse 64-14. Eclipse 64-14 is created following new production concepts, thanks to the constant work of NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING.

The Eclipse 64-14 is created using the same composite materials and production technologies who are used to create the Bimota jewels.

The goal is to get products much more high-performing and exclusive, bicycles who are created to get the best performances in the races, as happened like in the motorbike. Bicycles who can benefits of the experience got in the motorcycling where the speed and realiability represent the crucial element, in order to transfer it in the creation of high range bikes. A cooperation who will bring for sure new and innovative models in the next years.

Eclipse 64-14 - Made in Italy

Eclipse 64-14 represents the last creation of NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING, inside the Eclipse family product.

Since 2011 with the creation of the first model Eclipse, Guerciotti has presented every year new evolutions of this product, passing to The Eclipse Plus until the last model Eclipse 769 (one of the most appreaciated framesets for his qualities of lightness and performance). Now with Eclipse 64-14 it reaches a frame with extraordinary performances. The numbers 64 and 14 stay to the celebrate years of this event: 1964 year of company foundation and 2014, year of the anniversary.

A product who represents the essence of fifty years of history, experience,

evolution and technology in the production of jewels. Eclipse 64-14 is born from the experience and feedback got from the market and from the testes in the races, improving some features and working basically on the design in order to get a product with high performance into the race.

This model is the first 100% monocoque frame produced by the NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING. Eclipse 64-14 is made in one single mould, without joints, got it thanks to the under vaccum technology. The frameset is produced in autoclaves (reaching util 6 bar) and using pre-pex on epoxy matrix.

The advantages we can get using this type of processing permit an higher compact structure, in all the sections, reacting better to all the reactions. Besides, the frameset become lighter. Also the whole production process is computerized in order to be always verifiable and monitored.

Carbon is produced by the company leader in the market, Toray (like all the Eclipse family product) and in the specific the carbon fibers are the following:

  • Toray 3K T3000J who permits tensile strenght of 4500Mpa
  • Toray UD M30S with tensile strenght of 5500Mpa
  • Toray Biassale T700G with tensile strenght of 5000Mpa

Eclipse 64-14 has the following features :

  • High resistance to the chipping, thanks to his outer fabric 3K Twill 200 gr Sqm HT
  • High longitudinal stiffness thanks to the use of UD 150gr sqm M30
  • High torsional stiffness thanks to the use of biassale fabric +/- 45° T700
  • Increased vibration dampening thanks to the fevlar/carbon fabric Twill 150 gr sqm
  • Higher resistance and reliability thanks to the use of an higher number of carbon skins (until seven) in all the critic areas like aheadset tube and BB shell.

Technical details

System of integrated fork on the frame to increase the aerodinamicity in the front side. System already used in the 2014 season by the CCC Polsat riders with the model Eureka SHM50, with excellent performance and feedback.

Eclipse 64-14 provides ergal drop out billet with CNC machining to increase the complete lightness of the frameset and the resistance in one of the most important areas. For the choice of this solution it has been fundamental the cooperation with Bimota who uses this technology in the production of some motorcycle components.

RS Design: Thanks to this study, it can get a frameset much more aerodinamic, without losing in terms of comfort and stiffness.

Frameset 100% monocoque italian made, Eclipse 64-14 is made in one single mould, got it thanks to the under vaccum technology.

LOCKING SAFETY SYSTEM: Innovative seat post clamping system.

L'esperienza di 50 anni per proiettarsi nel futuro

As already happened in the 2014 range, with the presentation of Eureka SHM50, the NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING has worked basicaly on the frame’s design and on some features how could provide a better aerodynamicity on the products to reach always higher performances.

The NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING has introduced in the ARR Project new concepts that have led to achieve all these goals. The ARR project (Aerodynamic Resistance Reduction) introduced last year with the Eureka SHM50 has been fundamental in the production of Eclipse 64-14. All the elements inserted in the production of this new model have been studied to increase the frame’s aerodinamicity in order to get the best performance in all the hardest situations during the races. This result has been achieved thanks to the feedback got by Team CCC Polsat using the model Eureka SHM50 and bringing improvements, mostly on Eclipse 64-14.

The first concept used from the experience of Eureka SHM50 is the Integrated Fork System: also Eclipse 64-14 uses the same integrated fork on the aheadset tube, in order to increase the aerodinamic and improve the performance at high speed. Differently from Eureka SHM50, Eclipse 64-14 work with a traditional brakeset system.

Eclipse 64-14 presents an innovative seat post clamping system, called LOCKING SAFETY SYSTEM. This innovative system consist to replicate the locking system inside the cutters in the working centres.

Inside, a conical bush (black) is glued at the frame where inside it flows the part (red) who wraps the seat tube. The locking ring (gold) pushes the moving part below who beeing conical blocks the seat post. To ease the closure and use it as anti-theft system, the ring will have a teeth that will pair exclusively to his key, supplied it together with the frameset. This system brings a benefit in terms of safety and increasing of stiffness in that area.