The history of the grand prix

Our passion for cyclocross

Gran Prix Guerciotti has reached the 37° edition and it represent the most ancient and glorious race glorious race in the Italian cyclocross discipline. Besides to have won 10 world championships in the cyclocross Guerciotti has always been committed in the organization of important races, first at national level and than at international level.

The locations of Gran Prix Guerciotti have always been among the most different. Starting from Sirone, the race took place in the great Parco Lambro’s scenery in Milano. Than to Saini park and in the last years in the spectacular landscape of Idroscalo in Milano. In race’s palmares it is present all the stronger riders in cyclocross. The foreign riders :Henry Stamsnyder, Roland Liboton, Mike Kluge, Adrie Van Der Poel, Radomir Simunek, Mario De Clerque, Henrik Djernis. And italian riders : Vito Ditano, Daniele Pontoni, Enrico Franzoi and Marco Aurelio Fontana. In the five world cup editions the race has always been won by Belgium riders: Sven Njis and Bart Wellens. Record man as winner is Daniele Pontoni (with 8 victories), followed by Roland Liboton with 3 victories.

In the 2010 Guerciotti organized after more of ten years the second Italian championships, always in Milan at Idroscalo. The event was a huge success and by all was the best organized Italian championships in recent history.

In the last 5 years the Gran Prix Guerciotti represents the vernissage of the new italian champions and, in the same time, the revenge of italian championships ridden in the week before.