Made in Milano

Milan, one of the most important and fascinating cities of Europe. Thirteenth city of European community and nineteenth of continent, as population numbers.

It became “italian economic capital” during the industrial revolution involving in the second half of the nineteenth century, constituting with Turin and Genoa the “industrial triangle”.

In the last century the city has stabilized its economic and productive role, becoming the largest Italian financial market; it is also one of the world capitals of fashion and one of the most important italian university centre.

Milan has won the title of global city, ranking as the only Italian cities in the list of cities that exercise, in the rest of the world, a great influence.

In 1964 Paolo Guerciotti found the Guerciotti company in the heart of Milan, in this beating heart, in a street closed to Buenos Aires, always one of the most important shopping streets of the city.

And Guerciotti is the most important bicycle brand of Milan city. It embodies the history (over 50 years of success), the tradition, the passion and the achievement of important goals thanks to the efforts and hard work.

Guerciotti is like the real “Made in Milan”.

Because if it is important the Italian reality, that is made in Italy, it is even more important the local specific origin, where it studies, it tests, it produces the real jewels that once again demonstrate how Milan represents the cradle historical business realities, but at the same time always evolving, like the city itself, but without forgetting its tradition.

Milan, metropolitan city where cycling is getting an increasingly important role, not only as recreational or competitive sport; for this reason Guerciotti has decided to include the Milan coat of arms to show proudly to the world its “milanesità”.

In a world where the bicycle will be seen increasingly as a way of transport, as way to be healthy, it will be more and more “fashion”, Guerciotti with this coat of arms identifies its membership in Milan, for all considered the capital of fashion and entrepreneurships.

Guerciotti goal for the future is to orient future productions on models directed to a more urban and metropolitan target, not just racing.

Example is the gravel line introduced in this 2018 collection.