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08 January 2018


Another great result for the Team Selle Italia Guerciotti Elite in the national championships in Rome 2018.

Jakob Dorigoni wins the under 23 in a real hard race, winning the sprint against his team mate Stefano Sala. 

In the women juniores Alessandra Grillo,  also not beeing the favourite, wins his 5th title from the starting of the agonistic cathegories (it is a record for the cyclocross). 

Francesca Baroni takes the second position beated only by the european champion, Chiara Teocchi. A great result for Francesca, at her first year in the cathegory.

In the elite race, bad luck for Gioele Bertolini demaged by the chain fall loosing many seconds. Gioele has been obliged to recover all the race and at the end he was classified out of the podium, due also to a last fall. 

For the Team Selle Italia Guerciotti these are the 16th title in 7 years and it is really a record.