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01 December 2014

Elected Miss Ciclismo 2014 : Giada Macchi will be the official Miss at Gran Prix Guerciotti 2015

On Saturday 29th january, at the QI Club, in occasion of A&J agency party has been elected Miss Ciclismo 2014. Jury president was Vincenzo Nibali. From long time Guerciotti is the main sponsor of this important competition. This year it has been elected Giada Macchi. As happens every year, Giada will be the official miss in occasion of the international cyclocross race, Gran Prix Guerciotti on Saturday 17th january 2015.

Giada Macchi will be protagonist in the 2015, like done with Miss Ciclismo in this 2014, in a Guerciotti’s calendar who will be distributed in all the countries where Guerciotti has a distributor.