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11 December 2017


It is a great moment for Bertolini. After the second place in Gran Prix Guerciotti and a Eurepean Championships rode in front of peloton, in this december Gioele has got four important successes. 

Before in the last weekend of november, Bertolini wins without problems the race in Brugherio. But the show was in the early december with 3 victories in 6 days: Silvelle, Fae di Oderzo and Gorizia. In the last two races, here the revence agains Marcel Meisen, in both the occasions placed in second position. 

In these races also great results for Francesca Baroni: third in Brugherio, second in Silvelle and Fae (beated only by Eva Lechner) and victory in Gorizia. Now she is the new talent of italian cyclocross.