Bikes, our passion since 1964

The NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING represents the R&D of Guerciotti for the analysis, design and realization of all the high range products.

Created in the 2011 this project has permitted to introduce in the market really high range products where the greater expression was the product’s family Eclipse.

The NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING has focused before in the production of tube to tube high range frameset. Later the same project has been expanded also in the production of monocoque framesets, with always one goal: searching of new solutions in term of design and performance to get a winning product in the pro races and to develop it for the end users.

Today, the maximum expression is represented by the models Eclipse 64-14 and Eureka SHM50.

All the products who born by the NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING keep all the project’s features: choose of the best raw material in the market, innovative production technology, italian quality and design, in addition to rigorous testing and quality control.

In every new collection, thanks to the NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING, Guerciotti introduces new solutions and innovative products who show as the Guerciotti R&D department is always attentive to the new trends and, mainly, to the satisfaction of the new needs from the customers.

In this 2017 range the most important model is Eureka DX50, exclusive and innovative product made with an aero design.

A product composed by the highest technological concepts who shows the capacity of Guerciotti engineers to produce exceptional products.

RAW MATERIAL QUALITY TESTING Exclusive Mould Design Frame is the study of best design in terms of frame construction and the study of best geometries to realize an endurance bicycle, in order to obtain a frameset able to respond in a way more elastic and progressive as possible to the irregularities of courses and be more comfortable.

LIGHTNESS WRAPPED CARBON TECHNOLOGY This innovative system consist to replicate the locking system inside the cutters in the working centres. Inside, a conical bush is glued at the frame where inside it flows the part who wraps the seat tube. The locking ring pushes the moving part below who beeing conical blocks the seat post. To make it easier the closure and use it as anti-theft system, the ring will have a teeth that will pair exclusively to his key, supplied it together with the frameset. This system brings a benefit in terms of safety and increasing of stiffness in that area.

INTEGRATED CARBON DROP-OUT SYSTEM A system of integrated drop out has been adopted in the top model Eclipse 64-14. The drop-outs are made in carbon filber and they come out from the mould already integrated in the rear/chainstay. They are therefore not glued but fixed to the vertical tubes by wrapping. Small protection plats in anodized aluminium are mounted on the drop-outs and the right drop-out is used to mount the gear. Its particular fork shape reduces to the bare minimum the need for its replacement in case of fall. The replacement, in any case, is extremely simple.

This system is used to identify, after rigid and specific tests on frameset, the more critical area, thus creating some reinforced to get a greater safety on the frameset, keeping always under control the weight, in order to not reduce the lightness.

INTEGRATED BRAKESET SYSTEM Integrated Brakeset System: it is a new system of brakeset, integrated in the frame and fork. System used in the models Eureka SHM50 and Eclipse TT.

INTEGRATED FORK SYSTEM Integrated Fork System: it is a new fork design integrated in the frame in order to reduce the aerodynamic resistance in frontal position – where there is higher air impact – and increasing, on the same time, bicycle’s stiffness and drivability in hardest race conditions.

RS DESIGN Alongside to the CLS Carbon Design it has been added the RS Design who represents the meticolous study of design in every part of the frameset who could lead to the greater aerodinamyc, without loosing in terms of quality and stiffness. Working together with the CLS carbon design the values of confort and lightness are increased. This concept has been fundamental for the production of the new model 2017, Eureka DX50.

CLS CARBON DESIGN The CLS CARBON DESIGN (Comfort-Lightness-Stiffness) is the system created by Guerciotti which represents the study of the best design to increase the performance. The most important features of a top range frameset are the riding comfort associated in any case to lightness and stiffness. The goal is to obtain the best ratio between these three elements. The chainstay design of Eclipse 64-14 has been studied to increase the stiffness but without reducing lightness and comfort (absorbing more vibration during the riding).