I.ON e-bikes. Find out the “Natural Ride”

Guerciotti e-bikes aren’t designed to change your way of cycling, they are designed to give you one more option. Those e-bikes are in fact assembled according to the same technical principles applied to our traditional models, in order to give you the most natural use experience possible.

Natural ride

For Guerciotti, “Natural Ride” means
offering a different e-bike experience

With the new I.ON series Guerciotti intends to introduce light, stiff and reliable bikes, but at the same time aims to break new grounds. Recovering from an injury, cycling with more trained fellows or simply taking a longer trip than usual: YOU are in control.


There are several reasons to choose an electric road bike like Navir I.ON.
It can help you recover from an injury. It allows you to go out with more trained fellows. It opens the way to goals that you never imagined before. So why put limits on passion?


Discover the essence of Gravel cycling. Live on the edge between asphalt and dirt, never stop exploring. Find your destination, but don’t forget to enjoy the ride. This is your time, your world. Don’t let them tell you what’s best for you. You decide your way: enjoy Brera I.ON.


The e-bike is not meant to change your riding style but to improve it.
For this reason, the new Greto I.ON and all Guerciotti e-bikes are equipped with the engines of the Italian Polini, capable of delivering power without upsetting the sensations of a traditional bike.
Cycling with more trained fellows or simply taking a longer trip than usual with your Guerciotti I.ON now is possible.