Our manifesto


Milan is fashion, industry, art, work, lifestyle. Milan is trendy. And we want to build the most Milanese bicycles that exist.

We are more than Made in Italy,
we are Made in Milan.



We want a bicycle for everyone and we fight for a space in which to use it peacefully.

We dream of a future in which we all use bicycles to get around, to improve our lives. Reclaim spaces, eliminate the waste of resources, enhance the territory, safeguard the environment. To feel good. To leave something good for our children.


Work ethics,
understood as building value. Sustainability, the valorization of people, respect, mutual support. Building a future.

What riding a bicycle taught us basically.

The effort is the same for everyone, the strongest waits for the less strong, the group is worth more than the individual, but it is the individual who makes the difference.

The Excellence of the product understood as the love for beauty and the well made, enclosing in the object everything we want to communicate to the world.

Quality, as an obvious consequence.



Because we are a brand on the market for 60 years.

We have seen and experienced all the evolutions in technology, shapes and materials, always ready to anticipate trends.

But, more than this, because having a Guerciotti means joining a family, which is far beyond owning a bicycle.

Siamo storia e tradizione, ma siamo anche continuità e futuro: la qualità è una conseguenza delle nostre scelte.

Sulle biciclette c’è la nostra firma.


“I’m Alessandro Guerciotti and I have a dream: to put you all on bicycles.”


I started working in the company created almost 60 years ago by my father and my uncle as soon as I finished my studies, in 2000, and subsequently took over the reins. My dad is always present and irreplaceable, my uncle is no longer here but he is always with us.

My goal today is to make their unexpressed dream come true: to create a world fit for bicycles, to bring together and put as many people as possible on their bikes. A challenge that is renewed day by day.

Initially Guerciotti was mainly racing bicycles, and was identified with teams and competitive victories. Now, while not forgetting our sporting nature, the company’s true mission is more ambitious.

I am aware that the market and personal and collective needs have changed faster in the last 10 years than in the previous 50, and with them everyone’s priorities have changed.

Il ciclismo non è solo agonismo. Cycling is not just competitive sport. The bicycle is a means of transport and a lifestyle: fun, health, green thinking and sustainability, reduction of emissions, cleanliness, livability. We do good for ourselves and the environment, and we do good for others. Using a bike means having the future at heart, and we work for that.

In this wonderful project we are working on we also want to reiterate our thanks to our city.

We are Milanese. We were born here, we have always been here over the long years of activity and we firmly want to remain here, committing ourselves personally, with the bicycles that bear the name of my father and my uncle, mine and my family.

We want to express all the “Milaneseness” of our product, which is more than Made in Italy. Milan is fashion, industry, lifestyle, culture in the eyes of the world. Guerciotti wants to express all this in his bicycles to bring Milan and the Milanese image all over the world.



“I’m Micaela Guerciotti and I’ve been breathing bicycles since I was born”


Probably the first time I attended a cyclocross competition I hadn’t started walking yet. The memory of Sundays spent on the racing fields is vivid in my memory and mixes the cold of the winter temperatures with the warmth of the people who gravitated around that world. Passion and sacrifice that make this sport unique, which has always played a fundamental role in my life. Today more than yesterday.

In June 2023 I returned to work in the family business, after having gained long experience in multinational companies outside the cycle sector, holding prestigious roles in both marketing and sales.

My goal was to acquire an important professional background to put at the service of the company that bears my name. Because companies today compete on multiple scenarios at the same time and information spreads globally. In this world, marketing plays a fundamental role, especially for a company like ours that has its roots in time and which must therefore find the right balance between tradition and evolution. Innovation, style and sustainability are the cornerstones of our message.