Register your bike online

In order to access the online warranty registration service you need to fill out the form below. Please note that the product warranty is valid only in the presence of the receipt / invoice certifying the purchase of the product. Current legislation provides for a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. By registering the warranty online you will avoid any misunderstanding in case of loss of receipt / invoice and you will be able to enter the Guerciotti crash replacement* program. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email.

What you need to complete the registration of your bike

01. Frame code

At the bottom of your Guerciotti bike there is an alphanumeric serial number. Write it down and keep it on hand during the registration process.

02. Proof of purchase

Take a picture of the receipt or invoice for your product. Then upload it in the registration form. Make sure that the name of the retailer, the date of purchase and the name of the product are clearly visible.

Fill the form in all its parts

    Proof of purchase* (jpg/png/pdf, max.2MB)

    I have read the (privacy policy) and I agree to the processing of personal data to activate the guarantee.


    This certificate guarantees that each “GUERCIOTTI” product has been subjected to the most severe controls both for the quality of the materials used and for the production and assembly procedures.

    Guerciotti Export Srl guarantees its frames, if purchased from authorized Guerciotti dealers, for a period of two years from the date of purchase, accompanied by regular proof of purchase. Once the purchase has been made, we invite you to register on the website, to activate the guarantee. If registration on the site is made within 10 days of purchase, the customer will be able to enjoy the “crash replacement” program.

    In addition to the legal guarantees provided by law, Guerciotti Export s.r.l. will therefore be liable for any defect that may arise on its products, repairing or replacing the defective part according to its description, without charging any costs for labor or for any spare parts (replacement with identical or similar parts, of equivalent value), but without reimbursement of transport costs to and from Guerciotti Export srl, which will be borne by the consumer.

    Products of other companies, mounted on Guerciotti bikes, are covered by the warranties of the respective manufacturers, to which we ask you to contact.

    This warranty does not cover:
    1. products without a purchase receipt (receipt or invoice).
    2. products not purchased from an official Guerciotti authorized dealer.
    3. products whose identification codes have been removed, altered, canceled or made illegible.
    4. normal wear and tear (including fatigue).
    5. Damage caused by abuse or improper use, incorrect assembly (for example incorrect tightening torques), incorrect or insufficient maintenance, accidents, blows, corrosion, the use of aggressive cleaners, use with unsuitable products compatible, from repairs not carried out correctly, and more generally anything that does not constitute a material or manufacturing defect.
    6. products that have reached the natural end of their useful life cycle.
    7. the effects of exposure to UV rays (discoloration, yellowing), including fluorescent colors.
    8. the effects of the saline environment.
    9. repainted products (even partially).
    10. products used commercially.
    11. products that have undergone any modification.
    12. transport damage (the carrier responsible).
    13. aesthetic defects that were easily detectable at the time of purchase of the product.
    14. the labor required for the replacement.
    15. problems on the paint after two years from the date of purchase.

    The guarantee is used exclusively by the original purchaser and is therefore not transferable. This policy is without prejudice to any other legal rights you may have, based on the national laws of the state where you made your purchase. Should any provision of this warranty be void under those national laws, the
    the remaining part of the guarantee would still remain valid.

    Guerciotti Export Srl is not responsible for consequential or incidental damages. Some states do not allow the limitation of consequential or incidental damages, so this clause may not apply.

    This is the only conventional warranty in effect for the product you have purchased, and any additional clauses, extensions or implied warranties are specifically excluded.

    When a product is repaired or replaced under warranty free of charge, the repaired or replacement product remains covered by any remaining original warranty, not with renewal or extension of the warranty period.

    Furthermore, when a product is replaced under warranty, the replaced product becomes the property of Guerciotti Export Srl.

    Any dispute regarding the guarantee, purchase and use of Guerciotti products will be governed by Italian law; the competent court will be the court of Milan, Italy.

    To make a warranty claim, you must return the product to the same authorized Guerciotti dealer from which you made the purchase. Please take into account the
    fact that if the product was purchased in another country, it must be returned to the authorized dealer in that country.

    We always recommend, both for the greater safety linked to assembly and pre-delivery verification, and to be sure of originality, and for the best after-sales service, to buy from an authorized Guerciotti dealer near your residence.

    The product must be returned clean (if returned dirty it will be kept available for 10 days and then scrapped) together with:
    1. name, address, telephones and e-mails (as provided when registering the bicycle on our website, if registration has been made).
    2. a tax document proving the place and date of purchase.
    3. a detailed description of the problem (we suggest using adhesive tape to help us identify the exact location).
    4. a description of the components used in conjunction with the claimed product.
    5. a specific request, if you want any sensitive personal data provided not to be kept for future reference after handling the complaint.
    6. a statement of how he wants the product to be handled if found out of warranty; in the absence of a specific declaration, the product will be kept available for 10 days and then scrapped.

    The Guerciotti crash replacement program allows you to purchase a frame at a discounted price from the same authorized dealer as the original purchase, in the event that the frame is irreparably damaged in the event of a fall or accident, for the entire warranty period. The replacement frame must be of equal or less value than the damaged frame.

    CRASH REPLACEMENT program procedure and conditions
    You will need to notify the original dealer immediately of damage to the frame (specifying the serial number) and wish to be able to make use of the crash replacement program. In order to order the replacement frame you will need to provide:

    • The original proof of purchase and contact information as left on the site when registering the frame.
    • The photos in jpg format of the entire bicycle after the accident and of the damaged part.
    • A copy of any report of the accident to the authorities
    • The damaged frame, which will become the property of Guerciotti Export Srl in exchange for the discount on the new frame.
    • The Crash Replacement service is limited to the original owner and to damage that compromises the functionality of the bike. If the damage was caused intentionally or is of a purely aesthetic nature, Guerciotti Export Srl may reserve the right to suspend or not to grant this service.
    • It is not possible to change to a model other than the one purchased. The Crash Replacement program can be used only once within two years from the date of purchase.

    Guerciotti Export Srl reserves the right to cancel or modify this policy at any time without notice.